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VineArt in Gascony

The Côtes de Gascogne Vineyard event ... so much more to discover !

The Côtes de Gascogne vineyard is evolving and launched its first wine and spirit tourism event in 2021.

Its name:VineArt in Gascony

The date: annually from the end of June to end of August

Its concept : open days at the winegrowers with artistic encountersopen to the public throughout the summer

Its aim : to create an event that portrays the producers, MODERN, ORIGINAL and FESTIVE


A creative and festive universe is taking shape for VineArt in Gascony


The incredibly diverse circus arts with no limit to its expressions is the main theme for VineArt in Gascony.
Partner circus companies are invited to the winegrowers and present a panoply of unique shows around the theme of VineArt in Gascony. Acrobatics, aerial performances, high aerobatics, fire-eaters, and colourful characters are on the agenda every year.


A breeze of poetry and grace blows among the winegrowers through choreographic works performed in the middle of the vines.

Sometimes in the form of animated classes, modern, classical, salsa, or other dance, is on the VineArt programme and sets the mood in the cellars or in the vineyards of our winegrowers.


Lovers of farce and prose, rediscover the great masterpieces of literature or innovative performances, full of humour, staged by local theatre companies.
The theatrical energy has a particular flavour on the stage of estates and cellars, to be discovered during VineArt !


Musical pieces, classical music, world music or even rock concerts, the winegrowers set the mood and invite you to enjoy their musicality. They confirm that the Gers is a land of festivals and conviviality. The VineArt musical offer is extensive, the choice is yours.


For Vineart in Gascony, art resonates in its entirety. Painters, photographers, writers, visual artists, and local craftsmen find a marvellous setting at the winegrowers’ estates Their works are enhanced and meetings with the public are encouraged.


Each winegrower is unique.
Discover through this informative classification, an index on their history, their estate, their predilection.

Marvel at the grandness and history of our most beautiful châteaux.

Be charmed by the feminine imprint that is essential in the wines of our lady winegrowers

Be moved by the transmission of family passions and ancestral savoir-faire

Enjoy a moment of relaxation where nature and sport mingle with the winegrowers

Food and wine

Across VineArt in Gascony, the Gers specialities take pride of place on the winegrowers’ estates to regale each visitor and suggest the best wine and food pairings.

Local producers are present with a wide choice of regional fayre.

Sweet, savoury, burgers, crêpes, pizzas… a selection of menus and choices to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

Picnic baskets, always delicious and fun, allow you to make the most of the outdoors in a rural setting.

Attention hedonists ! The catered dishes, the tapas and the various epicurean feasts at the winegrowers are guaranteed moments of conviviality.