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The Côtes de Gascogne vineyard is made up of three main types of terroirs, each one corresponding to the historic areas defining the original areas for Armagnacs.

Bas-Armagnac : This is the most extensive part of the appellation, on light soils called ‘tawny sands’ sometimes more balanced between the main physical constituents of the soil (sand, silt and clay), described as boulbènes. They are known for giving expressiveness and balance to the whites.

Ténarèze : The geographic heart of the Côtes de Gascogne and occupying a third of the defined area, this sector is predominantly limestone. When this rock extends over an area, the locals call it ‘peyrusquets’ (a shallow clay soil that sits on the limestone bedrock), whilst those with deep clay are known as ‘terreforts’ literally, strong soil. Whatever they are, they favour the development of particularly full reds.

Haut-Armagnac : A vast territory where vines are somewhat rare, this sector is also mainly clay and limestone, giving wines with a character close to those produced in the Ténarèze.

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Worthy heirs of Armagnac, the Côtes de Gascogne winemakers have preserved and adapted a distant tradition of whites in favour of expressions with seductive, light and lively perfumes on the palate.

Discover their savoir-faire, their technical skills mastered over time …

Our incredible

This is the story of a vineyard that had always been devoted to the production of Armagnac and that 40 years ago, had the courage to diversify its production and so the conversion started.

Restructuration of the vineyard, control of the yields, and significant investment in the cellars, notably in terms of the low temperature fermentation.

with the goal to improve the quality of wines and conquer the world !